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DIY: Feather Earrings

Check out these feather earrings I created with a little inspiration from Google images. Even though there are a lot of little supplies, it’s relatively inexpensive. And there is the added bonus of self accomplishment, knowing you made them yourself…♥



Ear Threaders


Cable chains to dangle with the feathers
Crimp Beads (You need a pliers to use these)

Jump Ring

Eye Pins


Beads to string above the feather to add glimmer and/or color

And of course! Feathers…
Wildfowl Feathers

• Attach Eye Pin to the end of the Earring Theaders.

• Add 3-4 beads on to the eye pin with about 3/4 of an inch left on the pin.

• Take the the quill of the feather and thread the remaining part of the pin through the tip.

• While holding the feather and the pin together, take the crimp bead and wrap it around the juncture of the feather and the pin. You will use pliers to crimp the bead into place, which will secure the feather to the pin.

• Take the the chains and cut them the length you’d like them to dangle with the feather. Add the jump ring to the end of the chain and attach it to the loop at the end of the ear threader.
TIP: I made my chains extra long so they would blend into my hair.

VIOLA! Feather Earrings!

My pair (left)! A little hard to see but you get the idea!


Here is Janae (left) wearing her creation!

217292_10100391818943591_10005653_58807957_6416085_n.jpgIMG 0729


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