Dream Home

Through out my browsing design blogs, many of them have sections where bloggers show off images of rooms they would like to incorporate into their dream home. Soooo…of course I thought it was a GREAT idea! Check out photos of my dream casa ♥

I’ve always dreamed of living in downtown Chicago. The side streets off Michigan Avenue have beautiful town homes lining the streets. Check out how amazing these façades are!

I’m not really sure what these rooms are? But they’re gorgeous! They look like quasi-garden rooms or sun rooms right before you go outside. Great places to read on the weekend or watch it rain.

I love the windows in this photo below but I’m thinking I would put a couch or some cozy furniture in here. The doors exit out to a patio or a roof-top garden (which a lot of places in Chicago have).

And it would lead out to this… A gorgeous view of the city and a perfect area for cook outs and summer parties.

Now we head inside to the house. The great thing about these town homes is the separation between spaces. There is limited square footage width wise but you can build up! Every area is on a separate floor which is my ideal.

Check out this main room/living room with a great open area and the French windows. I LOVE the stair case with the contrasting colors and rotation. 

My ideal kitchen has a lot of space and looks VERY clean. After I collected all these photos it looks like I have a thing for white! Maybe there is some underlying subtext there? : )

Ideas for the bedroom are still a work in progress but I like the tufted headboard and the flowers on the bedside table. Something glamourous, elegant and relaxing. And my idea of heaven is a freshly made bed at the Westin…

The bathroom is also VERY white. Classic and refined.

Most importantly a HUGE closet! I remember watching Mariah Carey’s closet on MTV’s Cribs and dreaming of having it. Not the clothes…or the rampant baby pink or Hello Kitty, but the space and the organization.

Finally the back patio! For my golden retriever of course! Lots of grass and room to roam in between trips to the park and to Lake Michigan.

Ugh…I can dream right??? ♥


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