DIY / Fashion

Saturday Night Out

Last Saturday Janae, her husband Julian and I went to a charity event for the Phoenix Opera. It was the one opportunity in FOREVER where I was able to dress up and pretend I was more fabulous than I am. We ate amazing food and drank even more amazing wine. Some of the pictures up there are of us scarfing down the canoli (well I was scarfing it! Janae was getting it smushed in her face).

I put together mock ups of pieces we wore to the event. Only on a much more extravagant scale! The dress in the example is Marchesa, $925 (yah right, like I could afford that!). My dress cost about 1/33rd the cost of the gown. I bought mine from Forever 21 in January and used a seam ripper to rip off all the tacky organza flowers and rhinestones on the bodice. Voila!

haha…same thing right??? I’ll just pretend mine looked as good as Marchesa. Everyone else at the party had NO idea it was Forever21. My little secret ♥


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