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UPDATE: DIY Fringe Bikini

UPDATE: I’ve finished my paper! And made it to the Western-themed pool party. So my fabulous idea to create this wild-west fringe bikini didn’t turn out exactly the way I was envisioning. I sewed on the turquoise fringe to the top which ended looking good. But the bottoms were another story.♥

Let’s just say the bottoms were less than flattering and the fringe “down there” was distracting to say the least. So I nixed the western bottoms, bobby pinned some stray feathers from my DIY Feather Earring project and headed to the party! The fiesta was a much needed break from the stress of finals and even though the “costume” didn’t go according the plan, we were still more themed-out than most of the other party goers.


I’m taking a HUGE procrastination break from my paper I should be writing, but coming this Wednesday we’re throwing an end of semester Western themed pool bash. Of course you can’t throw a party with out a theme! What’s the point? So I took some personal liberties and decided I could incorporate some Native American feathers into my interpretation of the theme and I’m coming up with something super reminiscent of Coachella. So stay tuned and I’ll show you what I came up with, in the mean time here is some of my inspiration and supplies from MOOD. Thank you Mood! (In Tim Gunn’s voice :)) ♥


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