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Luxe For Less: Jewelry Edition

Today’s post is a little embarrassing, one for the fact that I have had NO TIME for the last three weeks to actually post any new material. But two, it also highlights all these fab items on sale at Forever 21, which look a lot like the jewelry I’ve been slaving over trying to create for the last couple months. Now there is something to be said about the self satisfaction of creating your own accessories, but there is also a great deal of pride knowing you only paid $4 for a bracelet that looks 100x more expensive. ♥

1. Leopard Wallet…$9.80

2. Beaded Cuff…$3.80

3. Coral Cuff…$8.80

4. Feather Necklace…$10.80

5. Leaf Earrings…$4.80

Moral of the story, I would have tried to create something that looked like No. 2, spent hours on it, maybe cried a bit when I got frustrated and then I would eventually get distracted by something else and walk away. Or I could spend $3.80. So now yes, I feel a little stupid.


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