Dream Home: Master Bath

I’ve been browsing houses online, for what seems like forever, and I’m resigned to think (I know…) I will have to make a bunch of edits to whatever future home I purchase. I’ve watched too many episodes of design shows on HGTV to know that bathrooms and kitchen remodels are the biggest way to increase a home’s value. Also, let’s be honest, I will spend a lot of time in both and they better look the way I want them to.f12_022_stjames_coffee_bath

I’m obsessed with these mirrors from Restoration Hardware. You can see them in the picture above. I love the ability for them to tilt down or tilt up. Gone are the days of the large mirror for the double vanity. Each sink needs a mirror and this one will be above mine!


And I like the look of the white clean bathroom. Something calming and soothing about white bathrooms and white clean towels. And how about those grey tiles with the silver frameless shower?


And because I’m making this however I want, I need the most counter space as possible! Double vanity and room for me to spread out…even into the other person’s territory. Like this Restoration Hardware double vanity. Noticing a theme?


And since I’m breaking the bank. You can never go wrong with grey and white marble.

Question is…how long will I like this before I want to switch it up? Is it too trendy or will it have some staying power? I will now leave with my most HATED part of these flip houses I see over and over again. It will be like avocado refrigerators from the 70’s in 30 minutes.

If I see another vessel sink, I’ll freak out. Apologies to people who own them…


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