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Bikini Fake Out

Once upon a time I used to spend money freely, wear the best clothes and strut my stuff in designer shoes…then I GRADUATED and the real world was not so kind. First jobs don’t sustain the lifestyle I thought I’d be living, thus is the sad light of day of the real world.

And then…I found a hobby. Finding clothes that look expensive and then carrying your self like they’re 1 million dollars. I’ve pulled some good fake outs. I never lie, but when someone compliments my bag I don’t say, “Thank you, Payless!” I say, “Thank you so much!” No one has to know my secret.

Anyway, after a friend needed to stop at Target on our way to the library, I wandered around the bikini section and low and behold….Mara Hoffman?



Mara Hoffman sells tribal design “neo Navajo” patterned bikinis that run in the $200 range like this one below from Les Nouvelles.










Designer = $97/piece
Target = $15/piece

Myself and my check book win! P.S. If no one asks, I won’t tell….


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