Note to a Younger Me


I’m currently finishing my masters thesis and I realized today this is the longest I’ve gone without wearing ANY make-up. And then I realized how stupid that is…at 14 all you wrote about in your journals was how you wished you could be pretty like the other girls. I wish I could meet that 14 year girl and tell her it gets better. Things that seem consuming are just little blips on the timeline of life. I would never leave the house without some mascara up until days ago. But now 27 year old me wants to tell 14 year old me there are a lot more fun things in store for you. Things that aren’t based on superficiality. You’ll have your fill in your early 20s 🙂 now is the time to take the pressure off yourself. Because then the bills come…and everything you worried about at 14, like being dumped for a skateboard (I’m serious) can make you laugh in retrospect.


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